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East Yorkshire coastal erosion

diseases and population (charts)


local (Orchard Park, Hull)

sudoku (mainly grids)

East Yorkshire coastal erosion

Aldbrough-1 776x582 jpg 221KB
Aldbrough-2 776x582 jpg 236KB
Aldbrough-3 776x582 jpg 253KB
Aldbrough-4 776x582 jpg 250KB
Aldbrough-5 776x582 jpg 176KB
Aldbrough-6 776x582 jpg 165KB
Aldbrough-7 776x582 jpg 192KB
Aldbrough-8 776x582 jpg 211KB
Aldbrough-9 582x776 jpg 235KB

annual variation 2003-2016 750x190 png 16KB
annual variation 2003-2017 800x215 png 14KB

Band C frames 542x4420 png 178KB
Band E frames 700x4400 png 236KB
Band G frames 495x8430 png 218KB
Band-C-graphics-2003-2013 764x265 png 54KB
Band-E-graphics-2003-2013 1000x265 png 78KB
Band-G-graphics-1997-2013 396x325 png 48KB
Band-C-hotspot-example-map 400x660 png 332KB

beach-breaks 600x1220 png 51KB
beach-profiles-Prs55-63-October-2010 675x750 png 301KB

button-cliffs 980x120 png 3KB
button-combined-data-spreadsheet 696x120 png 3KB
button-erosion-calculator 696x120 png 3KB
button-erosion-migration-chart 746x120 png 3KB
button-Kilnsea 450x120 png 2KB
button-migration-chart 696x120 png 2KB
button-migration-1951-2015 746x120 png 5KB
button-migration-1951-2016 746x120 png 5KB
button-mudballs 980x120 png 3KB
button-part-two-some-basics 696x120 png 3KB
button-Ringbrough 450x120 png 2KB
button-sediment-migration-chart 746x120 png 3KB
button-sediment-segmentation 696x120 png 3KB
button-Skipsea 450x120 png 2KB
button-TGE 696x120 png 3KB
button-Ulrome 450x120 png 2KB

cliff-loss-path-totals-graph 885x190 png 20KB

cliffs-0 (1000x666) jpg 294KB
cliffs-0 (776x517) jpg 192KB
cliffs-1 (475x316) jpg 123KB
cliffs-1 (776x517) jpg 286KB
cliffs-2 (475x316) jpg 97KB
cliffs-2 (776x517) jpg 208KB
cliffs-3 (475x316) jpg 129KB
cliffs-3 (776x517) jpg 294KB
cliffs-4 (475x316) jpg 103KB
cliffs-4 (776x517) jpg 237KB
cliffs-5 (316x475) jpg 103KB
cliffs-5 (517x776) jpg 224KB
cliffs-6 (316x475) jpg 122KB
cliffs-6 (517x776) jpg 256KB
cliffs-7 (475x316) jpg 120KB
cliffs-7 (776x517) jpg 281KB
cliffs-8 (475x316) jpg 122KB
cliffs-8 (776x517) jpg 294KB
cliffs-9 (475x316) jpg 103KB
cliffs-9 (776x517) jpg 244KB
cliffs-10 (475x316) jpg 79KB
cliffs-10 (776x517) jpg 183KB
cliffs-11 (475x316) jpg 96KB
cliffs-11 (776x517) jpg 220KB
cliffs-12 (475x316) jpg 84KB
cliffs-12 (776x517) jpg 178KB
cliffs-13 (475x356) jpg 86KB
cliffs-13 (776x582) jpg 324KB
cliffs-14 (475x356) jpg 93KB
cliffs-14 (776x582) jpg 394KB
cliffs-15 (475x356) jpg 71KB
cliffs-15 (776x582) jpg 70KB
cliffs-16 (475x356) jpg 112KB
cliffs-16 (776x582) jpg 484KB
cliffs-17 (356x475) jpg 77KB
cliffs-17 (582x776) jpg 305KB
cliffs-18 (356x475) jpg 92KB
cliffs-18 (582x776) jpg 367KB
cliffs-19 (776x517) jpg 193KB
cliffs-20 (475x316) jpg 103KB
cliffs-20 (776x517) jpg 231KB
cliffs-21 (475x316) jpg 119KB
cliffs-21 (776x517) jpg 262KB
cliffs-22 (475x316) jpg 65KB
cliffs-22 (776x517) jpg 145KB
cliffs-23 (475x316) jpg 77KB
cliffs-23 (776x517) jpg 161KB
cliffs-24 (316x475) jpg 97KB
cliffs-24 (517x776) jpg 237KB
cliffs-25 (316x475) jpg 68KB
cliffs-25 (517x776) jpg 131KB
cliffs-26 (316x475) jpg 149KB
cliffs-26 (517x776) jpg 329KB
cliffs-26a (316x475) jpg 148KB
cliffs-26a (517x776) jpg 321KB
cliffs-27 (475x356) jpg 81KB
cliffs-27 (776x582) jpg 300KB
cliffs-28 (475x356) jpg 86KB
cliffs-28 (776x582) jpg 350KB
cliffs-29 (475x316) jpg 115KB
cliffs-29 (776x517) jpg 261KB
cliffs-30 (475x316) jpg 121KB
cliffs-30 (776x517) jpg 251KB
cliffs-31 (475x316) jpg 107KB
cliffs-31 (776x517) jpg 241KB
cliffs-32 (475x316) jpg 114KB
cliffs-32 (776x517) jpg 256KB
cliffs-33 (475x316) jpg 81KB
cliffs-33 (776x517) jpg 178KB
cliffs-34 (475x316) jpg 102KB
cliffs-34 (776x517) jpg 240KB
cliffs-35 (316x475) jpg 118KB
cliffs-35 (517x776) jpg 251KB
cliffs-36 (316x475) jpg 117KB
cliffs-36 (517x776) jpg 250KB
cliffs-37 (475x316) jpg 104KB
cliffs-37 (776x517) jpg 229KB
cliffs-38 (475x316) jpg 106KB
cliffs-38 (776x517) jpg 229KB
cliffs-39 (316x475) jpg 118KB
cliffs-39 (517x776) jpg 246KB
cliffs-40 (475x316) jpg 88KB
cliffs-40 (776x517) jpg 207KB
cliffs-41 (475x316) jpg 117KB
cliffs-41 (776x517) jpg 273KB
cliffs-42 (316x475) jpg 112KB
cliffs-42 (517x776) jpg 239KB
cliffs-43 (475x316) jpg 83KB
cliffs-43 (776x517) jpg 176KB
cliffs-44 (475x316) jpg 79KB
cliffs-44 (776x517) jpg 188KB
cliffs-45 (475x316) jpg 102KB
cliffs-45 (776x517) jpg 232KB
cliffs-46 (475x316) jpg 56KB
cliffs-46 (776x517) jpg 109KB
cliffs-47 (475x316) jpg 70KB
cliffs-47 (776x517) jpg 164KB
cliffs-48 (475x316) jpg 134KB
cliffs-48 (776x517) jpg 324KB
cliffs-49 (475x316) jpg 75KB
cliffs-49 (776x517) jpg 176KB
cliffs-50 (475x316) jpg 95KB
cliffs-50 (776x517) jpg 200KB
cliffs-51 (475x316) jpg 92KB
cliffs-51 (776x517) jpg 213KB
cliffs-52 (475x316) jpg 102KB
cliffs-52 (776x517) jpg 250KB
cliffs-53 (776x517) jpg 112KB

Colden-1 776x517 jpg 180KB
Colden-2 776x517 jpg 154KB
Colden-3 776x517 jpg 190KB
Colden-map 400 jpg 71KB
Colden-4-5-6-composite 1000x243 jpg 94KB
Colden-7 776x517 jpg 158KB
Colden-7a 776x582 jpg 288KB
Colden-7b 776x582 jpg 301KB
Colden-7c 776x582 jpg 272KB
Colden-8 776x517 jpg 181KB
Colden-9 776x517 jpg 142KB
Colden-10 517x776 jpg 218KB
Colden-11 517x776 jpg 213KB
Colden-12 776x517 jpg 197KB
Colden-13 776x517 jpg 145KB
Colden-14 776x517 jpg 149KB
Colden-15-582x776 jpg 176KB
Colden-15-356x475 jpg 86KB
Colden-16-582x776 jpg 130KB
Colden-16-356x475 jpg 61KB
Colden-17-582x776 jpg 159KB
Colden-17-356x475 jpg 76KB
Colden-18-582x776 jpg 160KB
Colden-18-356x475 jpg 78KB
Colden-19 776x582 jpg 117KB
Colden-20 582x776 jpg 342KB
Colden-21 776x582 jpg 302KB
Colden-Cross-Keys 776x525 jpg 101KB (unattributed)
Cowden-Cross-Keys 776x582 jpg 195KB
Colden-map-1852-1000x860 png 1.25MB

creation and erosion maps 583x354 png 54KB

data-combined-1951-2015-paths 325x1275 png 36KB
data-in-detail-1 (Barmston) 582x776 jpg 238KB
data-in-detail-2 (comparison chart) 1000x280 png 32KB
data-in-detail-4 (comparison chart) 1000x310 png 38KB
data-in-detail-5 (Profile 96 cliff lines) 315x675 png 29KB
data-in-detail-6 (new cliff line) 750x750 jpg 307KB
data-in-detail-6-695x695  jpg 263KB
data-in-detail-7 (overgrown cliff line) 750x750 jpg 300KB
data-in-detail-7-695x695  jpg 252KB

erosion map 750x560 gif 95KB
erosion map 700x560 gif 93KB
erosion map 700x560 jpg 179KB
erosion map 700x560 png 574KB
erosion map data 700x615 png 59KB
erosion map rates 700x620 png 57KB
erosion map rates 2003-2013 700x620 png 55KB
erosion map rates 2006-2015 700x600 png 53KB
erosion map rates 2003-2017 700x600 png 53KB
erosion-2003-2013-annual-averages 664x180 png 8KB

glossary-backwash 776x517 jpg 160KB
glossary-cave 517x776 jpg 215KB
glossary-cavity-collapsed 776x517 jpg 266KB
glossary-cavity-collapsed-2 776x582 jpg 240KB
glossary-cavity-fall 776x517 jpg 210KB
glossary-cavity-fall-2 776x517 jpg 216KB
glossary-cavity-slump 582x776 jpg 230KB
glossary-cavity-slump-2 776x517 jpg 238KB
glossary-finger-2 582x776 jpg 205KB
glossary-imbrasion 776x517 jpg 245KB
glossary-jut 776x517 jpg 201KB
glossary-jut-2 517x776 jpg 257KB
glossary-jut-3 517x776 jpg 247KB
glossary-milling 776x517 jpg 259KB
glossary-overslump 776x517 jpg 167KB
glossary-overslump-2 517x776 jpg 240KB
glossary-platform-step 776x517 jpg 247KB
glossary-runnel 517x776 jpg 235KB
glossary-sand-step 776x517 jpg 210KB
glossary-seepage-line 776x517 jpg 208KB
glossary-slide 517x776 jpg 173KB
glossary-slide-2 776x517 jpg 189KB
glossary-slide-slump 776x517 jpg 167KB
glossary-snout 517x776 jpg 211KB
glossary-snout-2 776x517 jpg 238KB
glossary-spur 517x776 jpg 227KB
glossary-spur-2 582x776 jpg 234KB
glossary-stringer 776x517 jpg 253KB
glossary-toe-horn 776x517 jpg 222KB
glossary-toe-horn-2 776x517 jpg 242KB
glossary-toe-horn-3 517x690 jpg 208KB
glossary-toe-horn-4 776x517 jpg 165KB
glossary-watercut 776x517 jpg 163KB

Holderness-1-1 (475x356) [1] jpg 161KB
Holderness-1-1 (776x582)  jpg 374KB
Holderness-1-2 (475x356) [2] jpg 138KB
Holderness-1-2 (776x582) jpg 330KB
Holderness-1-3 (475x356) [3] jpg 119KB
Holderness-1-3 (776x582) jpg 295KB
Holderness-1-4 (475x356) [4] jpg 196KB
Holderness-1-4 (776x582) jpg 476KB
Holderness-1-5 (356x475) [5] jpg 173KB
Holderness-1-5 (582x776) jpg 412KB
Holderness-1-6 (356x475) [6] jpg 131KB
Holderness-1-6 (582x776) jpg 322KB
Holderness-2-1 (356x475) [7] jpg 140KB
Holderness-2-1 (582x776) jpg 344KB
Holderness-2-2 (475x356) [8] jpg 156KB
Holderness-2-2 (776x582) jpg 377KB
Holderness-2-3 (475x356) [9] jpg 161KB
Holderness-2-3 (776x582) jpg 398KB
Holderness-2-4 (356x475) [10] jpg 134KB
Holderness-2-4 (582x776) jpg 313KB
Holderness-3-1 (475x356) [11] jpg 40KB
Holderness-3-1 (776x582) jpg 103KB
Holderness-3-2 (356x475) [12] jpg 43KB
Holderness-3-2 (582x776) jpg 104KB
Holderness-3-3 (356x475) [13] jpg 103KB
Holderness-3-3 (582x776) jpg 249KB
Holderness-3-4 (475x356) [14] jpg 109KB
Holderness-3-4 (776x582) jpg 263KB
Holderness-4-1 (475x356) [15] jpg 35KB
Holderness-4-1 (776x582) jpg 90KB
Holderness-4-2 (475x356) [16] jpg 134KB
Holderness-4-2 (776x582) jpg 325KB
Holderness-4-3 (475x356) [17] jpg 26KB
Holderness-4-3 (776x582) jpg 63KB
Holderness-4-4 (475x356) [18] jpg 132KB
Holderness-4-4 (776x582) jpg 334KB
Holderness-4-5 (356x475) [19] jpg 168KB
Holderness-4-5 (582x776) jpg 398KB
Holderness-4-5a (180x240) jpg 42KB
Holderness-4-5a (582x776) jpg 157KB
Holderness-4-6 (356x475) [20] jpg 133KB
Holderness-4-6 (582x776) jpg 317KB
Holderness-5-1 (356x475) [21] jpg 103KB
Holderness-5-1 (582x776) jpg 247KB
Holderness-5-2 (475x356) [22] jpg 142KB
Holderness-5-2 (776x582) jpg 336KB
Holderness-5-3 (475x356) [23] jpg 140KB
Holderness-5-3 (776x582) jpg 336KB
Holderness-5-4 (356x475) [24] jpg 134KB
Holderness-5-4 (582x776) jpg 328KB
Holderness-6-1 (356x475) [25] jpg 33KB
Holderness-6-1 (582x776) jpg 79KB
Holderness-6-2 (475x356) [26] jpg 139KB
Holderness-6-2 (776x582) jpg 347KB
Holderness-7-1 (475x356) [27] jpg 164KB
Holderness-7-1 (776x582) jpg 393KB
Holderness-7-2 (475x356) [28] jpg 123KB
Holderness-7-2 (776x582) jpg 296KB
Holderness-7-3 (475x356) [29] jpg 23KB
Holderness-7-3 (776x582) jpg 58KB
Holderness-7-4 (475x356) [30] jpg 124KB
Holderness-7-4 (776x582) jpg 309KB
Holderness-7-5 (475x356) [31] jpg 19KB
Holderness-7-5 (776x582) jpg 48KB
Holderness-7-6 (475x356) [32] jpg 25KB
Holderness-7-6 (776x582) jpg 56KB
Holderness-7-7 (475x356) [33] jpg 21KB
Holderness-7-7 (776x582) jpg 46KB
Holderness-7-8 (475x356 [34] jpg 150KB
Holderness-7-8 (776x582) jpg 361KB
Holderness-7-9 (475x356) [35] jpg 134KB
Holderness-7-9 (776x582) jpg 324KB
Holderness-7-10 (475x356) [36] jpg 166KB
Holderness-7-10 (776x582) jpg 407KB
Holderness-8-1 (475x356) [37] jpg 23KB
Holderness-8-1 (776x582) jpg 55KB
Holderness-8-2 (475x356) [38] jpg 33KB
Holderness-8-2 (776x582) jpg 83KB
Holderness-8-3 (475x356) [39] jpg 157KB
Holderness-8-3 (776x582) jpg 374KB
Holderness-8-4 (475x356) [40] jpg 109KB
Holderness-8-4 (776x582) jpg 265KB
Holderness-9-1 (475x356) [41] jpg 121KB
Holderness-9-1 (776x582) jpg 294KB
Holderness-9-2 (475x356) [42] jpg 115KB
Holderness-9-2 (776x582) jpg 285KB
Holderness-9-3 (475x356) [43] jpg 136KB
Holderness-9-3 (776x582) jpg 320KB
Holderness-9-4 (475x356) [44] jpg 139KB
Holderness-9-4 (776x582) jpg 339KB
Holderness-10-1 (356x475) [45] jpg 21KB
Holderness-10-1 (582x776) jpg 48KB
Holderness-10-2 (356x475) [46] jpg 35KB
Holderness-10-2 (582x776) jpg 85KB
Holderness-10-3 (475x356) [47] jpg 87KB
Holderness-10-3 (776x582) jpg 215KB
Holderness-10-4 (475x356) [48] jpg 131KB
Holderness-10-4 (776x582) jpg 303KB
Holderness-10-5 (475x356) [49] jpg 115KB
Holderness-10-5 (776x582) jpg 284KB
Holderness-10-6 (475x356) [50] jpg 57KB
Holderness-10-6 (776x582) jpg 144KB
Holderness-x-1 (776x582) jpg 118KB
Holderness-relief (740x600) png 136KB

hotspots-BA-00 (400x266) jpg 65KB
hotspots-BA-00 (776x517) jpg 186KB
hotspots-BA-0 (400x266) jpg 84KB
hotspots-BA-0 (776x517) jpg 244KB
hotspots-BA-1 (475x316) jpg 90KB
hotspots-BA-1 (776x517) jpg 217KB
hotspots-BA-2 (475x316) jpg 84KB
hotspots-BA-2 (776x517) jpg 184KB
hotspots-BA-3 (475x316) jpg 98KB
hotspots-BA-3 (776x517) jpg 239KB
hotspots-BA-4 (475x316) jpg 82KB
hotspots-BA-4 (776x517) jpg 166KB

EA=Easington gas terminal
Easington-defences-north-end (475x570) png 449KB
Easington-defences-south-end (475x570) png 408KB
Easington-defences-203-776x582 jpg 230KB
Easington-defences-30912-776x582 png 1.03MB

HS=Hornsea south
hotspots-HS-1 (475x316) jpg 84KB
hotspots-HS-1 (776x517) jpg 184KB
hotspots-HS-2 (475x316) jpg 91KB
hotspots-HS-2 (776x517) jpg 187KB
hotspots-HS-3 (475x316) jpg 88KB
hotspots-HS-3 (776x517) jpg 180KB
hotspots-HS-4 (475x316) jpg 71KB
hotspots-HS-4 (776x517) jpg 142KB
hotspots-HS-5 (475x316) jpg 90KB
hotspots-HS-5 (776x517) jpg 193KB
hotspots-HS-6 (475x316) jpg 65KB
hotspots-HS-6 (776x517) jpg 148KB
hotspots-HS-6a (475x316) jpg 101KB
hotspots-HS-6a (776x517) jpg 216KB
hotspots-HS-6b (475x316) jpg 129KB
hotspots-HS-6b (776x517) jpg 298KB

hotspots-MP-0 (475x356) jpg 107KB
hotspots-MP-0 (776x582) jpg 216KB
hotspots-MP-1 (475x316) jpg 83KB
hotspots-MP-1 (776x517) jpg 173KB
hotspots-MP-1a (475x356) jpg 83KB
hotspots-MP-1a (776x582) jpg 184KB
hotspots-MP-2 (475x316) jpg 77KB
hotspots-MP-2 (776x517) jpg 159KB
hotspots-MP-3 (475x316) jpg 42KB
hotspots-MP-3 (776x517) jpg 79KB
hotspots-MP-4 (475x316) jpg 60KB
hotspots-MP-4 (776x517) jpg 123KB
hotspots-MP-4a (776x575) jpg 261KB
hotspots-MP-5 (475x336) jpg 96KB
hotspots-MP-5 (776x582) jpg 213KB
hotspots-MP-6 (475x336) jpg 88KB
hotspots-MP-6 (776x582) jpg 181KB
hotspots-MP-7-475x356 jpg 60KB
hotspots-MP-7-776x582 jpg 120KB
hotspots-MP-8-475x356 jpg 88KB
hotspots-MP-8-776x582 jpg 123KB

WS=Withernsea south
hotspots-WS-1 (475x316) jpg 96KB
hotspots-WS-1 (776x517) jpg 197KB
hotspots-WS-1a (776x517) jpg 234KB
hotspots-WS-2 (475x316) jpg 75KB
hotspots-WS-2 (776x517) jpg 169KB
hotspots-WS-3 (475x316) jpg 81KB
hotspots-WS-3 (776x517) jpg 170KB
hotspots-WS-4 (475x316) jpg 84KB
hotspots-WS-4 (776x517) jpg 197KB
hotspots-WS-5 (316x475) jpg 83KB
hotspots-WS-5 (517x776) jpg 158KB
hotspots-WS-6 (316x475) jpg 94KB
hotspots-WS-6 (517x776) jpg 189KB
hotspots-WS-7 (776x582) jpg 117KB

hotspots-EG-1 (517x776) png 835KB
hotspots-EG-2 (776x517) png 321KB

hotspots-DHLZ-1-475x356 jpg 102KB
hotspots-DHLZ-1-776x582 jpg 235KB
hotspots-DHLZ-2-475x356 jpg 118KB
hotspots-DHLZ-2-776x582 jpg 261KB
hotspots-Hollym-1-475x356 jpg 103KB
hotspots-Hollym-1-776x582 jpg 225KB
hotspots-Holmpton-1-475x316 jpg 124KB
hotspots-Holmpton-1-776x517 jpg 278KB
hotspots-Holmpton-2-475x316 jpg 93KB
hotspots-Holmpton-2-776x517 jpg 217KB
hotspots-Holmpton-3-475x316 jpg 100KB
hotspots-Holmpton-3-776x517 jpg 222KB
hotspots-Sand-le-Mere-475x316 jpg 61KB
hotspots-Sand-le-Mere-776x517 jpg 117KB
hotspots-Tunstall-1-475x316 jpg 103KB
hotspots-Tunstall-1-776x517 jpg 240KB
hotspots-Tunstall-2-475x316 jpg 69KB
hotspots-Tunstall-2-776x517 jpg 135KB
hotspots-Tunstall-3-475x316 jpg 71KB
hotspots-Tunstall-3-776x517 jpg 183KB
  – see hotspots-Tunstall-2-475x316 jpg 69KB
  – see hotspots-Tunstall-2-776x517 jpg 135KB
hotspots-Withernsea-north-2-475x316 jpg 99KB
hotspots-Withernsea-north-2-776x517 jpg 208KB

Kilnsea-1 776x425 jpg 41KB
Kilnsea-2 776x505 jpg 141KB
Kilnsea-3 776x509 jpg 45KB
Kilnsea-4 776x455 jpg 43KB
Kilnsea-5 776x425 jpg 41KB
Kilnsea-6 776x345 jpg 35KB
Kilnsea-7 776x509 jpg 126KB
Kilnsea-8 776x509 jpg 158KB
Kilnsea-9 776x425 jpg 34KB
Kilnsea-10 776x425 jpg 31KB
Kilnsea-11 776x410 jpg 24KB
Kilnsea-12 776x425 jpg 22KB
Kilnsea-13 776x425 jpg 25KB
Kilnsea-14 776x509 jpg 41KB
Kilnsea-15 350x522 jpg 51KB

location map Aldbrough 375x155 png 10KB
location map Great Colden 375x155 png 11KB
location map Holderness 375x155 png 10KB
location map Hollym 375x155 png 9KB
location map Kilnsea 375x155 png 9KB
location map pages 420x870 png 58KB
location map Ringbrough 375x155 png 10KB
location map Skipsea 375x155 png 10KB
location map terminal groyne effect 375x155 png 10KB
location map Tunstall 375x155 png 9KB
location map Ulrome 375x155 png 10KB
lost places map 700x600 png 66KB

migration-beach-features-1-475x316  jpg 105KB
migration-beach-features-1-775x517  jpg 229KB
migration-beach-features-2-475x316  jpg 106KB
migration-beach-features-2-775x517  jpg 248KB
migration-beach-features-3  jpg 125KB
migration-beach-features-3-475x316  jpg 70KB
migration-beach-features-3-775x517  jpg 150KB
migration-beach-features-4  jpg 103KB
migration-beach-features-4-475x316  jpg 59KB
migration-beach-features-4-775x517  jpg 124KB
migration-beach-features-5-356x475  jpg 137KB
migration-beach-features-5-582x776  jpg 320KB
migration-beach-features-6-356x475  jpg 83KB
migration-beach-features-6-582x776  jpg 178KB
migration-beach-features-7  jpg 75KB
migration-beach-features-7-775x517  jpg 86KB
migration-beach-features-9  jpg 142KB
migration-beach-features-9-775x582  jpg 171KB
migration-beach-features-10  jpg 97KB
migration-beach-features-10-775x582  jpg 113KB

migration chart 2008-2017 1000x4850 jpg 1.25MB
migration chart 2008-2017 1000x4850 png 920KB
migration chart 2008-2017-fieldwork 1000x4850 png 923KB
migration chart 2008-2017-strip 1000x4850 jpg 1.04MB
migration chart 2008-2017-strip 1000x4850 png 3.97MB
migration chart 2008-2017-strip-hotspots 1000x4850 png 702KB
(charts may require a click or double click to open to size)

mudballs-1 776x517 jpg 264KB
mudballs-2 776x517 jpg 257KB
mudballs-3b 776x582 jpg 326KB
mudballs-3a 776x517 jpg 210KB
mudballs-3 776x517 jpg 196KB
mudballs-4 776x517 jpg 241KB
mudballs-5 776x517 jpg 240KB
mudballs-6 776x517 jpg 241KB
mudballs-7 776x517 jpg 223KB
mudballs-8 517x776 jpg 152KB
mudballs-9 776x517 jpg 181KB
mudballs-9a 776x517 jpg 277KB
mudballs-10 776x517 jpg 196KB
mudballs-11 776x517 jpg 231KB
mudballs-11a 582x776 jpg 271KB
mudballs-12 776x517 jpg 256KB
mudballs-13 (475x342) jpg 105KB
mudballs-13 (776x582) jpg 251KB
mudballs-14 (475x342) jpg 76KB
mudballs-14 (776x582) jpg 160KB
mudballs-15 582x776 jpg 247KB

ord system 03-33 (i) GE 2007 980x1000 png 1.18MB

P1020846-776x582 jpg 214KB
P1020921-776x582 jpg 221KB
P1020924-776x582 jpg 246KB
P1020929-582x776 jpg 271KB
P1020956-776x582 jpg 285KB
P1020960-776x582 jpg 297KB
P1020963-776x582 jpg 208KB
P1020968-776x582 jpg 179KB
P1020970-776x582 jpg 306KB
P1020974-776x582 jpg 152KB
P1020981-776x582 jpg 203KB
P1020982-776x582 jpg 208KB

pillbox-Barmston-north-BA84-776x582 jpg 334KB
pillbox-Barmston-outfall-south-a-475x356 jpg 85KB
pillbox-Barmston-outfall-south-a-776x582 jpg 193KB
pillbox-Barmston-outfall-south-b-475x356 jpg 182KB
pillbox-Barmston-outfall-south-b-776x582 jpg 407KB
pillbox-Easington-south-of-475x316 jpg 75KB
pillbox-Easington-south-of-a-776x517 jpg 160KB
pillbox-Easington-south-of-b-776x517 jpg 160KB
pillbox-Easington-south-of-GE 475x316 png 134KB
pillbox-East-Newton-alignment-776x517 jpg 160KB
pillbox-East-Newton-cliff-top-100612-776x582 jpg 151KB
pillbox-East-Newton-descent-160214-a-776x582 jpg 234KB
pillbox-East-Newton-descent-160214-b-776x582 jpg 237KB
pillbox-East-Newton-descent-030816-776x582 jpg 196KB
pillbox-East-Newton-descent-030217-776x582 jpg 218KB
pillbox-East-Newton-descent-140219-776x582 jpg 218KB
pillbox-Hilston-a-475x316 jpg 101KB
pillbox-Hilston-a-776x582 jpg 227KB
pillbox-Hilston-b-475x316 jpg 88KB
pillbox-Hilston-b-776x582 jpg 188KB
pillbox-Hilston-c-776x582 jpg 269KB
pillbox-Hilston-d-776x582 jpg 198KB
pillbox-Hilston-e-475x316 jpg 95KB
pillbox-Hilston-e-776x582 jpg 210KB
pillbox-Hilston-f-475x316 jpg 92KB
pillbox-Hilston-f-776x582 jpg 229KB
pillbox-Hilston-g-776x582 jpg 241KB
pillbox-Hilston-h-776x776 png 433KB
pillbox-Hilston-GE-1 316x475 png 276KB
pillbox-Hilston-GE-2 316x475 png 246KB
pillbox-Hollym (316x475) png 317KB
pillbox-Hollym (517x776) jpg 166KB
pillbox-Hollym+blast-wall-776x582 jpg 200KB
pillbox-Hollym (GE) 316x475 png 173KB
pillbox-Holmpton-776x582 jpg 172KB
pillbox-Holmpton-200419-776x582 jpg 266KB
pillbox-Holmpton-markers-shelter-a-776x582 png 578KB
pillbox-Holmpton-markers-shelter-b-776x582 png 274KB
pillbox-Kilnsea-776x582 jpg 260KB
pillbox-Mappleton-776x388 jpg 119KB
pillbox-Old-Hive-fragment-475x356 jpg 81KB
pillbox-Old-Hive-fragment-776x582 jpg 178KB
pillbox-Old-Hive-fragment-2-475x356 jpg 98KB
pillbox-Old-Hive-fragment-2-776x582 jpg 223KB
pillbox-Ringbrough-south-0-475x316 jpg 84KB
pillbox-Ringbrough-south-0-776x517 jpg 179KB
pillbox-Ringbrough-south-475x316 jpg 87KB
pillbox-Ringbrough-south-776x517 jpg 208KB
pillbox-Ringbrough-south-2-475x316 jpg 98KB
pillbox-Ringbrough-south-2-776x582 jpg 257KB
pillbox-Ringbrough-south-entrance-582x776 jpg 292KB
pillbox-Ringbrough-south-GE 475x316 png 244KB
pillbox-Runnell (475x316) png 384KB
pillbox-Runnell (776x517) jpg 325KB
pillbox-Runnell (GE) png 248KB
pillbox-Tunstall-776x582 (GE) jpg 191KB
pillbox-Tunstall-121118-776x582 jpg 148KB
pillbox-Ulrome-475x316 jpg 99KB
pillbox-Ulrome-776x517 jpg 227KB
pillbox-Ulrome-GE 475x316 png 192KB
pillboxes-beach-light-CA34-776x582 jpg 198KB
pillboxes-beach-light-BA34-776x582 jpg 195KB
pillboxes-Atwick-base-517x776 jpg 221KB
pillboxes-East-Newton-a-475x316 jpg 60KB
pillboxes-East-Newton-a-776x517 jpg 121KB
pillboxes-East-Newton-b-475x316 jpg 124KB
pillboxes-East-Newton-b-776x517 jpg 279KB
pillboxes-East-Newton-c-776x582 jpg 224KB
pillboxes-East-Newton-c-776x582 jpg 224KB
pillboxes-East-Newton-interior-776x582 jpg 238KB
pillboxes-East-Newton-GE 475x662 png 513KB
 1 minute 15 seconds QuickTime 30.44MB
 1 minute 15 seconds MPEG-4 51.03MB
 1 minute 15 seconds Windows Media A/V 78.89 MB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-a-475x316 jpg 81KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-a-776x517 jpg 167KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-b-475x316 jpg 105KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-b-776x517 jpg 257KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-c-475x316 jpg 106KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-c-776x517 jpg 240KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-d-316x475 (Fourth Sister) jpg 84KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-d-517x776 (Fourth Sister) jpg 190KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-d-2-776x582 (Fourth Sister) jpg 254KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-e-475x316 (Fourth Sister) jpg 116KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-e-776x517 (Fourth Sister) jpg 322KB
pillboxes-Three-Sisters-UKGRF 316x475 png 229KB
pillboxes-Valentin-776x564 png 401KB

Profiles-19-20-detail 524x1092 png 530KB
Profiles-23-25-detail-2003 370x718 png 423KB
Profiles-23-25-detail-2011 370x718 png 501KB
Profiles-26-30-data-2008-2012 365x155 png 8KB
Profiles-26-30-seasons-2008-2012 550x190 png 15KB
Profiles-44-67-seasons-2003-2017 1000x485 png 20KB
Profile-45-detail 375x570 png 425KB
Profile-52-detail 375x570 png 394KB
Profiles-79-89-seasons-2004-2013 990x314 png 227KB
Profile-94-detail 375x570 png 369KB
Profiles-94-109-seasons-2004-2013 990x428 png 276KB

relative cliff heights 700x200 png 35KB

Ringbrough-1 776x517 jpg 195KB
Ringbrough-2 776x517 jpg 237KB
Ringbrough-3 776x517 jpg 200KB
Ringbrough-4 776x517 jpg 221B
Ringbrough-5 776x517 jpg 200KB
Ringbrough-6 776x517 jpg 224KB
Ringbrough-6 (475x317) jpg 90KB
Ringbrough-6-776x517 jpg 225KB
Ringbrough-7 776x517 jpg 199KB
Ringbrough-7 (475x317) jpg 86KB
Ringbrough-7-776x517 jpg 200KB
Ringbrough-8 517x776 jpg 112KB
Ringbrough-9 776x517 jpg 238KB
Ringbrough-10 776x517 jpg 135KB
Ringbrough-10a 365x825 jpg 84KB
Ringbrough-11 776x517 jpg 184KB
Ringbrough-12 776x517 jpg 224KB
Ringbrough-13 776x517 jpg 235KB
Ringbrough-13-rotated 517x776 jpg 200KB
Ringbrough-14 776x517 jpg 153KB
Ringbrough-15 776x517 jpg 189KB
Ringbrough-15a 776x582 jpg 177KB
Ringbrough-16 776x517 jpg 120KB
Ringbrough-17 776x517 jpg 241KB
sketch map 1000x700 png 119KB
Ringbrough-18 776x517 jpg 224KB
Ringbrough-19 776x517 jpg 189KB
Ringbrough-20 776x517 jpg 92KB
Ringbrough-21 776x517 jpg 203KB
Ringbrough-22 517x776 jpg 206KB
Ringbrough-23 517x776 jpg 221KB
Ringbrough-24 776x582 jpg 317KB
Ringbrough-25 776x582 jpg 212KB
Ringbrough-26 582x776 jpg 239KB

rotational slide 750x395 png 14KB

seasonal averages 2004-2013 1000x280 png 31KB
seasonal variation 2004-2013 1000x225 png 21KB
seasonal variation 2005-2014 1000x225 png 21KB
seasonal variation 2006-2015 959x225 png 62KB

Skipsea-1 776x484 jpg 47KB
Skipsea-2 776x484 jpg 140KB
Skipsea-3 776x484 jpg 42KB
Skipsea-4 776x484 jpg 44KB
Skipsea-5 776x484 jpg 30KB
Skipsea-6 776x484 jpg 36KB
Skipsea-7 776x484 jpg 41KB
Skipsea-8 776x484 jpg 30KB
Skipsea-9 776x484 jpg 31KB
Skipsea-10 776x484 jpg 34KB
Skipsea-11 776x484 jpg 52KB
Skipsea-12 484x776 jpg 122KB
Skipsea-13 776x484 jpg 65KB
Skipsea-1-a (475x296) jpg 52KB
Skipsea-2-a (475x296) jpg 59KB
Skipsea-3 (475x296) jpg 53KB
Skipsea-4 (475x296) jpg 56KB
Skipsea-5 (475x296) jpg 38KB
Skipsea-6 (475x296) jpg 45KB
Skipsea-7 (475x296) jpg 52KB
Skipsea-8 (475x296) jpg 38KB
Skipsea-9 (475x296) jpg 40KB
Skipsea-10 (475x296) jpg 41KB
Skipsea-11 (475x296) jpg 64KB
Skipsea-12 (296x475) jpg 56KB
Skipsea-12-a (296x475) jpg 65KB
Skipsea-13 (475x296) jpg 80KB
Skipsea-2012-1 (475x296) jpg 73KB
Skipsea-2012-2 (475x296) jpg 81KB
Skipsea-2012-3 (475x296) jpg 97KB
Skipsea-2012-6 (475x296) jpg 77KB
Skipsea-2012-7 (475x296) jpg 81KB
Skipsea-2012-9 (475x296) jpg 98KB
Skipsea-2012-10 (475x296) jpg 72KB
Skipsea-2012-11 (475x296) jpg 71KB
Skipsea-2012-12 (296x475) jpg 86KB
Skipsea-2012-13 (475x296) jpg 111KB
Skipsea-2012-14 (475x296) jpg 61KB
Skipsea-2012-1 (776x484) jpg 167KB
Skipsea-2012-2 (776x484) jpg 186KB
Skipsea-2012-3 (776x484) jpg 225KB
Skipsea-2012-6 (776x484) jpg 174KB
Skipsea-2012-7 (776x484) jpg 192KB
Skipsea-2012-9 (776x484) jpg 225KB
Skipsea-2012-10 (776x484) jpg 160KB
Skipsea-2012-11 (776x484) jpg 159KB
Skipsea-2012-12 (484x776) jpg 197KB
Skipsea-2012-13 (776x484) jpg 260KB
Skipsea-2012-14 (776x484) jpg 141KB
Skipsea-Green-Lane (map 350x850) png 640KB
Skipsea-Green-Lane-1 696x521 jpg 222KB
Skipsea-Green-Lane-1-750x562 jpg 257KB
Skipsea-Green-Lane-3-(Hunt) 696x463 png 389KB
Skipsea-Green-Lane-3-(Hunt)-746x497 png 402KB
Skipsea-map-1764 (635x575) png 94KB

sparklines-locations-autumn-2003-autumn-2013 740x4100 390KB

terminal groyne effect (general) 460x900 png 29KB
terminal groyne effect (detail) 460x1250 png 35KB
TGE-Kilnsea 400x650 png 325KB
TGE-Ringbrough 550x650 png 606KB
TGE-Skipsea-2003 475x715 png 633KB
TGE-Skipsea-2011 475x715 png 572KB
TGE-Skipsea-2 (475x356) jpg 90KB
TGE-Skipsea-2 (776x582) jpg 183KB
TGE-Skipsea-3 (475x356) jpg 67KB
TGE-Skipsea-3 (776x582) jpg 137KB
TGE-Ulrome-2003 475x715 png 540KB
TGE-Ulrome-2011 475x715 png 645KB
(see hotspots for other terminal groyne effect images)

Ulrome-1 776x582 jpg 314KB
Ulrome-2 776x582 jpg 254KB
Ulrome-4 776x582 jpg 255KB
Ulrome-5 776x582 jpg 175KB
Ulrome-6 776x582 jpg 311KB
Ulrome-7 776x582 jpg 244KB
Ulrome-12 776x578 jpg 40KB
Ulrome-16 776x517 jpg 175KB
Ulrome-17 776x517 jpg 215KB
Ulrome-18 776x517 jpg 161KB
Ulrome-19 776x517 jpg 147KB
Ulrome-20 776x517 jpg 218KB
Ulrome-21 776x517 jpg 197KB
Ulrome-22 776x517 jpg 209KB
Ulrome-23 375x563 jpg 107KB
Ulrome-24 375x563 jpg 144KB
Ulrome-25 776x517 jpg 206KB
Ulrome-26 776x582 jpg 216KB
Ulrome-26x 776x582 jpg 215KB
Ulrome-27 776x582 jpg 149KB
Ulrome-28 776x582 jpg 240KB
Ulrome-29 776x582 jpg 216KB
Ulrome-30 (475x356) jpg 73KB
Ulrome-30 (776x582) jpg 154KB
Ulrome-31 (475x356) jpg 122KB
Ulrome-32 776x582 jpg 242KB
Ulrome-33 582x776 jpg 193KB
Ulrome-34 776x582 jpg 133KB

wave-approach-triangle 600x175 png 7KB
wave-approach-angle-SSB-intervals 775x255 png 13KB

Withow-1a 475x265 jpg 72KB
Withow-1b 475x265 jpg 90KB
Withow-1c 475x265 jpg 92KB
Withow-2 776x517 jpg 209KB
Withow-3 776x517 jpg 221KB
Withow-4 517x776 jpg 219KB
Withow-5 776x517 jpg 106KB
Withow-5-a 517x776 jpg 299KB
Withow-5-enlargement 4320x2880 jpg 4.0MB
Withow-6 776x517 jpg 220KB
Withow-7 776x517 jpg 234KB
Withow-8 776x517 jpg 221KB
Withow-9 776x517 jpg 238KB
Withow-10 776x517 jpg 225KB
Withow-11 776x517 jpg 226KB
Withow-12 776x517 jpg 232KB
Withow-13 517x776 jpg 213KB
Withow-14 517x776 jpg 223KB
Withow-15 776x517 jpg 221KB
Withow-16 776x517 jpg 219KB
Withow-17 776x517 jpg 216KB
Withow-18 517x776 jpg 224KB
Withow-19 776x517 jpg 181KB
Withow-20 776x517 jpg 247KB
Withow-21 776x517 jpg 234KB
Withow-notice 776x1045 jpg 270KB
Withow-profile 776x425 jpg 61KB


diseases and population

full series 650x460 png 11KB
plague cycles 650x330 png 103KB



West Hull-1 776x582 jpg 143KB
West Hull-2 776x582 jpg 135KB
West Hull-3 776x582 jpg 155KB
West Hull-4 776x582 jpg 148KB
West Hull-5 776x582 jpg 150KB
West Hull-6 776x582 jpg 161KB
West Hull-7 582x776 jpg 162KB
West Hull-8 776x582 jpg 82KB
West Hull-9 776x582 jpg 141KB
West Hull-10 776x582 jpg 122KB
West Hull-11 776x582 jpg 156KB
West Hull-12 776x582 jpg 93KB
West Hull-13 776x582 jpg 134KB
West Hull-14 776x582 jpg 174KB
West Hull-15 776x582 jpg 140KB
West Hull-16 776x582 jpg 119KB


local (Orchard Park, Hull)

demolition - signboard 776x582 jpg 145KB
demolition - Bridgeman House 1 582x776 jpg 146KB
demolition - Bridgeman House 2 776x517 jpg 232KB
demolition - Bridgeman House 3 776x517 jpg 208KB
demolition - Bridgeman House 4 640x360 jpg 80KB
demolition - Bridgeman House 5 640x360 jpg 71KB
demolition - Bridgeman House 6 640x360 jpg 66KB
demolition - Bridgeman House 7 776x517 jpg 173KB
demolition - Bridgeman House 8 776x517 jpg 216B
demolition - Bridgeman House 9 776x517 jpg 158KB
demolition - Bridgeman House video (QuickTime) 
 44 seconds .mov 30.54MB
demolition - Bridgeman House video (MPEG-4) 
 45 seconds .mp4 5.53MB
demolition Bridgeman House video (Windows Media A/V) 
 45 seconds .wmv 28.34 MB
demolition - Drake House 1 450x284 jpg 17KB
demolition - Drake House 2 375x540 jpg 23KB
demolition - Drake House 3 450x344 jpg 22KB
demolition - Drake House 4 450x363 jpg 20KB
demolition - Gorthorpe low-rise 1 776x582 jpg 211KB
demolition - Gorthorpe low-rise 2 582x776 jpg 95KB
demolition - Gorthorpe low-rise 3 776x582 jpg 193KB
demolition - Gorthorpe low-rise 4 776x582 jpg 140KB
demolition - Gorthorpe low-rise 5 776x582 jpg 265KB
demolition - Laxthorpe low-rise 1 776x582 jpg 205KB
demolition - Laxthorpe low-rise 2 582x776 jpg 210KB
demolition - Laxthorpe low-rise 3 776x582 jpg 251KB
demolition - Laxthorpe low-rise 4 776x582 jpg 233KB
demolition - Laxthorpe low-rise 5 776x291 jpg 124KB
demolition - Laxthorpe low-rise 6 776x582 jpg 174KB
demolition - Vernon House 1 600x390 jpg 30KB
demolition - Vernon House 2 450x305 jpg 23KB
demolition - Vernon House 3 375x784 jpg 45KB
demolition - Vernon House 4 450x370 jpg 22KB
demolition - Vernon House 5 450x205 jpg 16KB
demolition - Vernon House 6 450x180 jpg 12KB
demolition - Vernon House 7 450x235 jpg 12KB
demolition - Vernon House 8 375x560 jpg 21KB
demolition - Vernon House 9 600x600 jpg 51KB
demolition - Vernon House 10 375x200 jpg 17KB
demolition - Vernon House 11 375x200 jpg 18KB

flood 1 465x300 jpg 96KB
flood 2 465x295 jpg 22KB
flood 3 465x300 jpg 24KB
flood 4 465x300 jpg 19KB
flood 5 465x300 jpg 28KB
flood 6 465x300 jpg 29KB
flood 7 465x300 jpg 19KB
flood 8 465x300 jpg 29KB
flood 9 695x447 jpg 104KB
flood 10 695x447 jpg 75KB
flood 11 465x300 jpg 18KB
flood 12 465x300 jpg 17KB
flood 13 465x295 jpg 10KB
flood 14 465x300 jpg 14KB
flood 15 300x500 jpg 29KB

transformation 1050x752 jpg 271KB



sudoku-1 248x248 gif 4KB
sudoku-2 248x248 gif 4KB
sudoku-3 248x248 gif 4KB
sudoku-4 248x248 gif 4KB
sudoku-5 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-5 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-7 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-8 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-9 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-10 248x248 gif 10KB
sudoku-11 248x248 gif 11KB
sudoku-12 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-13 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-14 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-15 248x248 gif 4KB
sudoku-16 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-17 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-18 248x248 gif 4KB
sudoku-19 248x248 gif 4KB
sudoku-20 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-21 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-22 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-23 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-24 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-25 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-26 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-27 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-28 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-29 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-30 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-31 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-32 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-33 248x248 gif 8KB
sudoku-34 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-35 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-36 248x248 gif 8KB
sudoku-37 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-38 248x248 gif 5KB
sudoku-99 453x435 gif 16KB
sudoku-blankgrid 453x435 gif 7KB
sudoku-elimination 505x540 gif 19KB
sudoku-elimination-parts  505x540 gif 19KB
sudoku-Lpiece 532x575 gif 11KB
sudoku-parts 453x435 jpg 34KB
sudoku-phrase 640x225 jpg 27KB
sudoku-puzzle 453x435 gif 8KB
sudoku-puzzle-elimination 505x540 gif 24KB