East Yorkshire coastal erosion

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Changing Horizons
Coastal change and the fishing industry in Holderness (video)
Heritage project commissioned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council
December 2013

The Holderness Coast – living with coastal erosion

British Geological Survey
index to relevant articles

British Geological Survey
Natural Environment Research Council
Coastal erosion of the Holderness to Spurn Head coast
Landslides and coastal erosion at Aldbrough, East Riding of Yorkshire (includes video)

Channel Coastal Observatory
Technical Report -Seabed Mapping - East Riding 2014
East Riding of Yorkshire Coastal Habitat Monitoring Project 2015
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Crown Estate
Aggregate dredging and the Humber coastline: a regional perspective of marine sand and gravel off
the Holderness and Lincolnshire coastline since the Ice Age

DHV Group
EUROSION Case Study: Holderness Coast

Sewerby cliff interpretation

East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Coastal Explorer
Coastal Information Pack
Coastal Explorer Interactive Map
Looking after our coastline / Defending the East Riding coastline
aerial flyover videos (June 2003)

England Coastal Path (proposed)
Natural England (2018)
Easington to Filey Brigg
Asken Ltd with John Chatterton Associates (2015)
Risks to potential future coastal path users on the Holderness Coast

English Heritage/Humber Field Archaeology (2014)
Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey Yorkshire &Lincolnshire: Phase 3 (large file)

Environment Agency
Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs)
second generation (SMP2)

Environmental Systems Research Institute (esri)/ArcGIS
The Holderness Coast - living with coastal erosion
Story map by S Richardson (2017)

Halcrow Group Ltd (2013)
Coastal Change Adaptation Planning Guidance: East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Consultation draft

Hull Geological Society
Humberside Geologist Online

HM Government (2016)
Marine Conservation Zones: Holderness Inshore

Humber Estuary Coastal Authorities Group (HECAG) (2010)
Flamborough Head to Gibraltar Point Shoreline Management Plan
Non-Technical Summary (draft) (final)
(shows expected shoreline positions for 2025, 2055, 2105)

Kenneth Pye Associates Ltd
Holderness Erosion and Evolution of the Spurn Peninsula
Presentation by K Pye and S Blott

Leeds Geological Association
Field Visit Reports Summer 2014
3. Holderness: Glacial Features in Holderness

Pillbox Study Group

Pumpkin Interactive
Sustainable Coastal Management: Holderness
Promotional clip for educational DVD

Sea Field Project
East Newton
Fiona Caley (2011)

UK Fossils Network
East Riding

University of Hull
The East Riding Coastline: Past, Present and Future

University of Sheffield
BRITICE (2017)

Wikimedia Commons
Coastal erosion in the East Riding of Yorkshire

East Riding of Yorkshire Council
cliff erosion data table
cliff erosion loss table
beach profiles

erosion map
Coastal Explorer interactive map
archive maps index
NLS old map collection
Old Maps Online

Google Earth Pro (download page)
UK Grid Reference Finder
Channel Coastal Observatory
distance calculator
erosion calculator (download)



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Report to Jacobs/Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE)
Reference No: ZBB758-F-2010

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The East Riding Coastline: Past, present and future (pdf)
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