East Yorkshire coastal erosion

storm damage

Photographs taken by Brian Williams
on 2nd January 2014.

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 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020846-776x582.jpg]
At the Sandy Beaches Holiday Village, static caravans pitched close to the low cliff edge are vulnerable to the sea.

 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020924-776x582.jpg]
The storm surge of December 2013 repositioned some caravans.

 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020921-776x582.jpg]
Damage across the site was widespread.

 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020929-582x776.jpg]

 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020968-776x582.jpg]
Flood-ruined furniture at the Riverside Hotel.


 Easington: 2nd January 2014 [P1020970-776x582.jpg]
Easington Beach caravan park is also exposed to the sea.

 Easington: 2nd January 2014 [P1020981-776x582.jpg]
Tilted static.

 Easington: 2nd January 2014 [P1020974-776x582.jpg]
Open to the elements.

 Easington: 2nd January 2014 [P1020982-776x582.jpg]
Serenity prevails.

Spurn (neck)

 Spurn (neck): 2nd January 2014 [P1020960-776x582.jpg]
The narrow ground between sea and estuary (right) was breached by high waters.

 Spurn (neck): 2nd January 2014 [P1020956-776x582.jpg]
For a short distance, posts mark a vehicular route along the beach. (Spurn is currently closed to visitor traffic. The blocks in the background are part of a wartime anti-tank barrier.)

 Spurn (neck): 2nd January 2014 [P1020963-776x582.jpg]
A Land Rover skirts fallen utility poles to wend its way down the peninsula.

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