East Yorkshire coastal erosion

storm damage

Between 5th and 6th December 2013, the North Sea experienced a storm surge said by the Environment Agency to be the most serious for 60 years.

Flooding and damage were widespread, including along the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire. At Ulrome, part of a sea wall collapsed. Towards the low-lying southern tip of Holderness, holiday parks were particularly affected.


 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020846-776x582.jpg]

At the Sandy Beaches Holiday Village, static caravans pitched close to the low cliff edge are vulnerable to the sea.

 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020924-776x582.jpg]

The storm surge of December 2013 repositioned some caravans.

 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020921-776x582.jpg]

Extensive damage occurred across the site.

 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020929-582x776.jpg]

 Kilnsea: 2nd January 2014 [P1020968-776x582.jpg]

Flood-ruined furniture at the Riverside Hotel.


 Easington: 2nd January 2014 [P1020970-776x582.jpg]

Easington Beach caravan park is also exposed to the sea.

 Easington: 2nd January 2014 [P1020981-776x582.jpg]

Tilted static.

 Easington: 2nd January 2014 [P1020974-776x582.jpg]

Open to the elements.

 Easington: 2nd January 2014 [P1020982-776x582.jpg]

Serenity prevails.

Spurn (neck)

 Spurn (neck): 2nd January 2014 [P1020960-776x582.jpg]

The narrow ground between sea and estuary (right) was breached by high waters.

 Spurn (neck): 2nd January 2014 [P1020956-776x582.jpg]

For a short distance, posts mark a vehicular route along the beach. The blocks in the background are from a wartime anti-tank barrier.

 Spurn (neck): 2nd January 2014 [P1020963-776x582.jpg]

A Land Rover skirts fallen utility poles to wend its way down the peninsula.


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Pictures taken 2nd January 2014 by Brian Williams.