Orchard Park PFI


Created February 2011
with reference to the Orchard Park, Hull, Housing PFI.


Orchard Park PFI

Orchard Park PFI webpage
‘transformation’ (1050x752 image) jpg 272KB
concerns and comments webpage
PFI advantages webpage webpage PFI disadvantages link
MSF relocation programme – letter to residents pdf 9KB
letter of PFI cancellation, 22 November 2010 pdf 28KB
position of Housing PFI projects, 22 November 2010 (list) pdf 9KB
Outline Busines Case – Draft pdf 4,789KB
Bidder’ Day (leaflet) pdf 74KB
PFI governance structure (chart) pdf 7KB
PFI in Social Housing conference (programme) screenshot 94KB
Danes Residents Association – petition pdf 370KB
Draft Regeneration Plan pdf 265KB high resolution pdf 1,046KB
demolition proposal (schedule) pdf 7KB
PFI update no.2 pdf 3,215KB
consultation phase 1 – letter to residents pdf 212KB
Housing PFI projects (list) pdf 97KB
reply to councillors regarding consultation (report) pdf 19KB
reminder letter to residents pdf 172KB
PFI update no.1 pdf 3,476KB
questionnaire to residents pdf 1,309KB
consultation leaflet pdf 227KB
councillor event (leaflet) pdf 221KB
survey by Diana Johnson MP pdf 379KB results pdf 155KB
Council Minutes Item 128, 17 December 2009 (extract) pdf 60KB
PFI Newsletter pdf 976KB
Northern Area Committee Minute 83, 13 November 2008 pdf 38KB
The Future of the Thorpes (2003) webpage

Orchard Park shopping centre

planning application summary pdf 20KB
visual pdf 258KB
event (February 2004) (leaflet) pdf 201KB
update (December 2003) pdf 256KB
OPERA guide, July 1998 pdf 3,786KB

Thomas Ferens Academy

Northern Academy site plan pdf 101KB
Princess Elizabeth Playing Fields – petition (briefing note) pdf 136KB

Gateway Pathfinder

Hull & East Riding Gateway Pathfinder webpage
Greek Street (pictures) webpage